Hats are not the only headwear back in fashion: caps have preceded with happiness! More discreet, they give an air more "sport" and rejuvenate the silhouette.

Since the headgear is close to the face, it often upsets the image you made of yourself. It is not rare that you have difficulty accepting this new image.

Many are those who think They don’t have a head for hat, but find them "class" on other people! In this respect, the caps are often an interesting alternative for all of you (and you are numerous) who do not yet dare to wear a hat (and we keep on trying to convince you: Pick-our "Hats" universe).

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All about caps!

- a bit of material, a lot of protection
- panels and brims
- herringbone, hound's-tooth

Ivy and Flat cap
Historically the first caps are a flat fabric with a button in the centre. They are especially popular in the 30s and are mostly worn by the working class.
Among the various forms, we shall note:
Irish Cap, broader and traditionally made from sheep's wool.
Hatteras, American cap less wide than the Irish cap, but narrower with a visible apparent
Flatcap, narrow shape and very flat on top.
Duckbill, marries the shape of the skull and thus has a more rounded off shape.

Ball Cap and Trucker
It certainly is the most sportswear cap adopted by tennis players or golfers. It is very popular in American and Japanese cultures. It is ideal for a casual look. His long visor effectively protects the eyes against the sun's rays. Like the T-shirt, if the shape remains substantially the same, the designers are more than happy to offer a multitude of different styles ranging from the whimsical to the more sober.
Newsboy cap
It’s an 8 panel cap; it was formerly worn by the workers. This hat can be worn by men or women, straight on the head, on the back or fully tilted, releasing one ear and covering the other. It’s an excellent accessory of elegance and style.
It possesses a shape "stricter" with her flat skullcap on the top, and a shorter visor. As for the mesh, fashion took happily hold of this accessory, offering us a variety of styles and increasing rich motifs.

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